For months, a monster watches me from the voyeuristic shadows. I only ever see his glowing purple eyes or hear his sinfully gruff voice whispering dirty praise as I “play”…

Consensual noncon (see kinks list) - Narcissistic parents - Forced/arranged marriage - Discussion of familial violence/murder - Discussion of child abandonment

Monster MMC - Unseelie FMC (dark fae) - Beauty and the Beast vibes - Magic realism - A society with BDSM dynamics

BDSM dynamics (Parties/Orgies, Brats. Pleasure doms, Spanking/Punishment) - Consensual noncon - Public play - Stretching/discussion of fisting - Breeding without pregnancy - Experienced FMC and MMC

Why Be A Good Witch When It’s So Fun To Be Wicked…

Age gap (FMC 25/MMC 52) - Discussion of emotional neglect - Discussion of suicidal ideation - Discussion of suicide plans - Generational trauma

Unseelie (dark fae) - Magic realism - Witches and wizards - Dad’s best friend (mild taboo) - Teacher/former student - Age gap (FMC 25/MMC 52) - A society with BDSM dynamics - Curvy FMC - Broody MMC

BDSM dynamics (Parties/Orgies, Brats. Pleasure doms, Spanking/Punishment, Orgasm denial/Discipline, Figging) - MMC obsessed with giving oral - Anal sex and play - Experienced FMC and MMC