The first moment I meet him, he ignites my desire. The next moment he kills a man in front of me.

Insta love & insta lust - SA by man other than MMC on page - Noncon by MMC - Dubcon by MMC - Kidnapping - Medical neglect/abuse - Physically disabled heroine (arm) - Drug addiction

Alien MMC - Taken away from boring/depressing life - Dark themes (see content warnings) - Obsessive and possessive MMC - MMC driven by his lust to make questionable choices - MMC has daddy and mommy issues - Revenge against bad/abusive boss

Noncon & Dubcon by MMC - Breath play - Rough oral - Anal - ATM - Public play

His people want my planet. He could care less as long as he is getting paid. What he really desires is keeping me for himself.

Insta love & insta lust - Dubcon - Kidnapping.

Alien MMC - Obsessive and possessive MMC - Political intrigue - Alien invasion - Cameos from Book 1 (Butcher) - Running from the Mafia

Dubcon by MMC - Rough fingering - Squirting - Public play