She believed the planet Eanov was nothing but a delusion of the cult she escaped—until the aliens came for her…

Relgious abuse & tramua - Cults - Mass suicide - Kidnapping - Pious, non-human MMC

Ends on cliffhanger - Slow burn romance - Insta lust - Monster/Alien MMC with magic and tentacles - Monster/Alien society needs humans - Forbidden romance - Age gap (44 MMC & 27 FMC) - Cult survivor FMC - Pious and touch-starved MMC Obsessive, possessive, and mean MMC FMC taken from dull/boring life Magical mysteries and conspiracies

Tentacles on MMCs face - Female hysteria treatment by MMC = Pious and touch-starved MMC “struggling”

The universe pushed them together, only to tear them apart…

Religious abuse & trauma - Villainous MMC - Exchange of sexual favors with MMC (dubcon) - Power imbalance between FMC and MMC - Implied religious extremism - Implied child abuse Implied interpersonal violence. Discussion of psychosis and corrupt medical institutions

Ends on cliffhanger - Slowburn romance - Insta lust - Monster/Alien MMC with tentacles - Magical mysteries and conspiracies - Villainous MMC obsessed with FMC - Horrors of the unknown Timey whimey stuff

Exchanging sexual favors - Power imbalance - Face tentacles An abundance of fluids - Villainous MMC obsessed with getting the FMC off

A love worth protecting—no matter the cost…

Religious abuse and trauma - Discussion of psychological torture - Discussion of physical torture - Discussion of corruption at mental institutions - Implied child abuse - Horrors of the unknown universe

Happily Ever After ending - Slowburn romance (can I still call it that after 3 books?) - Monster/Alien MMC with tentacles -Magical mysteries and conspiracies - On the run from trouble - MMC can’t keep his hands or tentacles to himself

Size difference - Stretching - Face tentacles - An abundance of fluids - Virginity loss - Semi-public fooling around