The Fates are sinister drunks. Vampires don’t belong in Las Vegas, and I don’t belong with the man they fated me to. I am, however, fascinated that he finds my bossy princess behavior alluring…

Greif from the death of a close sibling.

Organized crime -- kidnapping -- murder -- past dubious consent from being fated mates -- implied sexual assault (not toward or by the POV characters).

Fated mates -- vampire FMC -- vampire MMC -- class difference -- opposites attract -- FMC and MMC from rival mafia/syndicate families.

BDSM -- soft/gentle fem-dom -- edging

I don't know or care what a "fated mate" is—I want nothing to do with the vampire who's become a villain as vicious as the one I freed him from.

Traumatized/tortured main male character -- gore/violence, interpersonal violence (1 scene in chapter 1) -- kidnapping

Sexual assault -- Imprisonment -- Torture -- Male infertility -- Miscarriage/child loss

Vampire MMC - Human FMC - Rejected Mates - Fated Mates - Organized Crime - Tortured MMC - Experienced FMC - Independent FMC - An age gap that's a technicality (85 MMC/32 FMC) - Unhinged Vampire Siblings - Vampire Union/Brotherhood/Racket.

Praise kink - Experienced FMC and MMC.